Monday, 22 November 2010

day 19

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 6
Things bought, Village Shop, Potatoes, carrots, eggs, ham, fredo frog, obligatory, golden syrup.  Country quality Meat, 3 rabbits and a bit of bacon for £9, amazing value.  Bramleys, fruit and veg.  Hobbs House, Milk.  Cute, christmas present for my daughter.
Things cancelled, 0.
Things cooked, Granola, Malteser cake, Stir fry tongue and vegetable, Buttermilk and Rosehip pudding.
Lessons learnt; Don't make buttermilk pudding without buttermilk.  It's ok to make malteser cake without maltesers.
Had a great day today, had an interview at Radio Gloucestershire, felt nervous but it went well, didn't sound much like me. Managed to answer all the questions but realised as soon as it ended that I forgot to mention Hobbs or The Little People Company.  Sorry, oops.  My blog got mentioned lots though. Hope to be given another chance as they hope to do a full interview next friday.  Then had warming lunch at Hobbs and a quick whizz round the shops, before all hell broke loose at home with mine and two extra kids.  
Made delicious granola, much preferred to the gloopy overnight porridge we had this morning.  Made Nigella's Malteser cake with the kids, great recipe with Horlicks in.  Another culinary first with tongue stir fry, the last of the tongue and scoffed by all.  I thought I was having a culinary genius domestic goddess moment, making buttermilk pudding with homemade rosehip syrup for tomorrows World War 2 dinner.  Unfortunately I couldn't find buttermilk so merged two recipes and I am now leaving a separated mess to set.  Pressure is slightly on as Tom's brother Henry the chef and his wife are coming along with Tom's salesperson sidekick and girlfriend.  I may have just been saved as Tom unwraps 4 packages of pies, from Phil the decorator of Cirencester who wants Tom's professional opinion.  Shall we eat it?  You will know we shouldn't of if I'm not here tomorrow, goodnight.  

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