Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fwd: Day 1

Subject: Day 1

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 12
Things bought; milk, biscuits and after school sweets all from the village shop. Forgot the oats.
Things cancelled; 1
Really pleased to hear today that I will have a slot in the local newspaper. Went to Cirencester today for a meeting and survived looking longingly at the beau striped shirts in sue parkinson. Was thrilled today to turn down the offer of joining my mother at house of frasers discount weekend where they promise to offer you money off everything you don't want.
Not much cooking today, used up the last of the porridge oats and a yucky tin of waitrose soup. Made much nicer By the addition of the last of the pease pudding. Heading to friends for dinner, don't worry they are local!
One dilemma today, petrol, can you buy petrol from non corporates but it defeats the point if you drive extra miles to get it.
One disappointment today, the village shop no longer stocks woefuldane dairy produce, much prefer that to yeo valley, does their milk really come from Poland.
Cancelled my beloved Riverford today by email, feels like dumping a long term boyfriend. Yet to hear from the vegman.
Havn't heard back from country quality butcher as to whether they can get me a goose for an Edwardian feast.

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