Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 14

Emails received; 5
Things bought; Horsley village shop, basics bulk, loo roll, tins of toms, pasta, rice crispies, milk, yoghurt, SNJ,
Things cooked; apple and medlar chutney, medlar jelly, egg fried rice to go with leftover pheasant curry and raita
A good domestic day today, first column in the Stroud news and journal, rubbish picture, ah well. Reboiled the runny medlar jelly to so thick could only just jar. Thanks to days cottage hot tip I made apple and medlar jelly, unfortunately 14 jars, apparently great with pork pies. Good job brother Henry is learning how to make the best pies in Yorkshire as we speak. Getting through the abundance of garden fruit. Had delicious dinner starting with Williams oysters courtesy of Pippa. Now need to motivate myself to sew for tomorrows Horsley Christmas bazaar, last plug I promise.

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