Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 20

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 2
Catalogues received;1 Thank you Johnny
Things bought, Village Shop, Potatoes, carrots, Milk, biscuits, kids after school treats, brocolli, lovely looking apples, loo roll 4
Things cancelled, 0.
Things cooked, Rabbit Hotpot, homemade pizza for the kids
Lessons learnt; Split buttermilk pudding (without buttermilk) looks very pretty and doesn't taste too bad.
A day of sorting out aesthetics for Hobbs House Bakery.  Fed 10 tonight for the War era, made a rabbit hotpot with homegrown chard and the national loaf (butter rationed).  The buttermilk pudding tasted alright, probably better than alright, a waste to use 1 whole bottle of homemade rosehip syrup as the flavour really didn't come through.  Made the kids pizza, a earthy delicious spelt base topped with all things local including chestnut mushrooms and cotswold mozzarella from the farmers market.  

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