Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 5

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 10
Things bought, lots, decided shopping locally is not an excuse to have no food in the cupboards
Things cancelled, 5 unsubscribes, couldn't bring myself to delete Toast
Had a great local shopping day, placed big essentials order of bulky things at the Horsley shop and they will arrive tomorrow. Amazing. Bought tinned things there too, chickpeas, beans, soup and tissues and obligatory fredo frog.
Then to Nailsworth, to collect the goose, he's a beauty, ham and cheese too from country quality, their ham did a week of lunchboxes last week.  Shiny goodness for Aloe Vera juice, baby bubble bath, pinhead oatmeal and S/R flour.  Williams for the bargain jar of big dijon mustard, wholegrain too, red wine vinegar, lemons and talegio cheese to go with the homemade membrillo.  Bramleys for their special mushroom box for £1, and fruit.  Wine from Raffles.  Hobbs House, bread, chocolate cake and milk.  Other result was setting up a weekly vase with Jaquaranda Florists for the bakery, bought some velvety gladioli too..  Cooked one of our favourite dinners, mushroom and kale curry, Milo made mushroom soup, spot the mushroom theme.  Now off to decide whether to stuff the goose.  Sent off my first Stroud News and Journal article and had my photo taken to go with.

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