Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Day 6

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 5
Things bought, Essentials order arrived, quite exciting, lashings of sugar, oats, nuts, ecover and oh oops the wrong size nappies, too small, major boo boo.
Things cancelled, 3 unsubscribed, bye bye Johnny I do not need you or your 25% discount
Good day today working at the Mary Howard Christmas fair with the Little People Company.  Bought nothing, not even the tempting £40 Moloh skirt, although I have got 3 more days of work.  Then home to cook an Edwardian Feast, a legless Goose, Red cabbage, Home grown Bramley Apple sauce and Goose Fat roasted potatoes.  Followed by our very own Mince Pie including real mince.  Surprisingly delicious.  Finished the last of the Quince Jelly, just need to seal the 13th jar, oops, not as dark as the last batch but tastes good.  The goose legs have been massaged for the confit so it must be bedtime now.

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