Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 15

Emails received; 7
Catalogues received; 2
Things bought; More daffodil bulbs from Gordon, Cereal, Vitamin C, jumbo oats and Shaving Gel from Shiny Goodness
Things cooked; Still eating the soup I made on Monday and a bacon and chard risotto for the kids and my parents(babysitting) made with the goose stock.
Spent the day getting ready for the Christmas Bazaar, got lots of lovely vintage dresses and knitwear from my collection at the Little People Company to sell, added to my pile of Stocking Fillers whilst there.
The Bazaar went well, sold lots of Jellies and Chutneys and a few other bits. Really nice evening bought a couple of little christmas presents, a long dog for Prudence and a lavender bird.

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