Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 17

Emails received; 2, not bad
Catalogues received; 2
Things bought; Milk and rolls and lunch Hobbs House Nailsworth. Chads butter, 4 packs, mushrooms and cotswold mozzarella from the Farmers Market.  Pink smarties from Cocos.  White t-shirt Batemans.
Things cooked; A birthday cake for my mother in law with pink smarties on.
Was woken this morning by son bringing me a bacon sandwich with homemade ketchup in.  Nice start to a Saturday.  I then cycled to Stroud with 3 out of 4 and the dog to get B to ballet and for the butter.  I have been able to buy son, age 9 two specific items of clothing in Stroud in the last week.  I wanted a fleece for cosiness and sports, this was found in Five valleys Leisure and then today he needed a white T-shirt for a concert.  I sent him into Batemans whilst I waited outside with the dog, babe and bikes.  He came out and said they were really helpful in there with a white T-shirt for £3.  Can't get better than that.  We then cycled back to Nailsworth, not as fit as I thought, annoyingly lost another baby shoe, any finders??, and had a well earned coffee and soup at the bakery.  Then home to quickly knock up a cake for Granny before back to Stroud, in the car this time to collect B and bike from Ballet.  Had a delicious family meal with all The Herberts at the in laws tonight.  We took our draws for the not so Secret Santa, a now Herbert tradition, and agreed on a £50 spend.  I got my sister in law, so should be easy to find her something lush n local (new saying).

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