Friday, 26 November 2010

day 22

Catalogues received;1, White company
Things bought, Village shop, milk, eggs, potatoes, parsnips, apples, crisps. Stroud; Made in Stroud, christmas presents, Heritage, stocking fillers for JP, present for Charlie, Fabric from shop by Mills Cafe, Nappies from Sunshine shop.  Nailsworth Christkindl; handmade hairclips, stocking fillers from Yellow lighted and Pulp.
The meal went well last night, slightly saved by Henry the chef.  Soup turned to brown soup, due to using rabbit broth, lovely as a game soup, not much flavour as a sweet potato and ginger soup.  Delicious butterflied leg of lamb (my last supper) with oh so hot harissa and purple sprouting.  Walnut tart amazing, but note to self always read recipe not just ingredients before beginning.  That was a lot of nuts to shell, fortunately Henry was a dab hand on the caramel.  Mr Tom bought some beautiful stemless wine glasses from Raffles yesterday, just need to find somewhere to put them before we break them.
Established Christmas Shopping today, headed out to Stroud and was reassured that Nailsworth will be good enough.  Stroud I love you too but Nailsworth has got it all.  Made In Stroud pretty special some amazing woolens by Cotswold Woolen weavers, Got  some very pleasing stocking fillers for JP from heritage but feel sure I will manage the rest in Nailsworth.  It was Nailsworth Christkindl tonight, with that and a fluttering of snow the kids were a little excitable.  Really lovely evening lots of fab stalls representing local businesses, just a few fairground rides and lots of friends, good food and mulled wine. I bought a few more stocking fillers.  Collected a book and a cd for the boy from  Super efficient them, I ordered it on a Saturday and they had it was there by monday (quicker than amazon) , shame it took me 12 days to collect it.
Right to bed now, butter to buy in the morning, shall I up the ration, 6 packs this week?

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