Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ghost of Christmas yet to pass.

I had a dream last night...
That I would do all my christmas shopping in Nailsworth,  of course I do some, a lot and sometimes not enough. A tiny gesture really, actually this isn’t enough for our local town. What I am proposing is that I buy everything in Nailsworth and the Horsley Community shop until Christmas.  I will not be using any of the chains or supermarkets.  I will use Tetbury and Stroud, purely independent shops, occasionally.
I would like to think I already do this but accidentally find myself in John Lewis or Sainsburys with everything under one roof, but not this Christmas.  I already feel guilty when I shop out of town and I know I could have bought locally.  There has also been numerous times I have searched a city for something particular and found it closer to home, last Christmas the Emma Bridgewater tea set they didn’t have until January in her Marylebone shop, they had in Moonflower in Stroud. 
So this should be easy,  at least we are fortunate enough to have fantastic High Streets on our doorsteps.  Except for the fact that I have four children aged 1,4,7 and 9. This not only makes me pretty busy but also brings the inevitable mass produced present requests, the remote controlled Land Rover and Barbie car so far.  Father Christmas will have to be particularly canny at removing price labels as the kids spot things bought locally.  For those of you that think this is all well and good if you can afford it, we have had to take a eye watering pay cut in order for our own High Street business to survive.  So I will be shopping within a budget. And for anyone that knows me they know I love shopping, borderline obsessed.  But think of all that time I’ll have not looking at dresses and offers on the internet.  Oh but those moments of oh I forgot the... and just get me a ... and Sunday shopping for those bits you forgot on Saturday.  Horsley Community shop is open on a Sunday morning. 
This will also mean for me canceling my beloved of seven years Riverford box, and having to think outside of the box for what I cook.  We also get through at least five packets of butter a week that I always try to buy for £1 in the supermarket,  I know for sure nowhere locally sells butter anywhere close to this price. Not being tempted by those Boden offers, is it 11, 12 or 15% off a pair of pyjamas they don’t have in stock anyway.  I will also be cooking a dinner of an era, Edwardian next week in line with Turn back time, The High Street that Tom is in.
I will write a blog ( connected to Hobbs House and Little People Company website) and will twitter.
I will not cheat and will start immediately, with what’s in my cupboards today, no quick Ocado shop.  And no I am not one of those organized people that bought all their christmas presents in October I have none.
Finally, I must confess a vested interest, that my husband is a director of Hobbs House bakery and anything I get from there is discounted.   But I also have a duty to fellow shopkeepers to only shop locally. If we don’t use each other how will any of us survive?
Wish me luck, and off we go.

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