Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 13

Emails received; 6
Catalogues received; 1
Things bought; 00000000000
Things cooked; chocolate biscuits, Tongue with horseradish dumplings and purple sprouting, apple cake and medlar jelly that might not be setting.
Lovely home day baking biscuits with kids, didn't know we had so many cutters, (hippo, toucan, Christmas tree, stars,) iced the biscuits with clementine icing, yum. Hard to find a decent biscuit roll out recipe, just had cocoa in so not really chocolatey enough. The Tongue cooked all day, seriously squeamish when I had to peel of the sandpaper rough skin but completely delicious dinner and only £5 for 3lb of meat. Made the apple cake with beef dripping, really good, heavier and a great pudding. Oops forgot to tell my mum it contained the dripping, she wouldn't eat the Tongue,
Didn't buy anything today, good achievement. Started to get things ready for my stall at Horsley school Christmas bazaar on Thursday night, priced the quince jelly and finished off the button necklace making kits. Just need to sew and price some final kid vintage bits.
Really enjoyed turn back time tonight loved seeing them piling onto the bus, picnic in hand for a day at clevedon. Looks like we will be cooking rabbit next week, ration style.

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